Hypnosis Practitioner Training

Hypnosis: an Advanced Communication Skill for the 21st Century

Hypnosis and Trance have been used in all cultures since time immemorial. Looking at today’s cultures worldwide, it could be said that Trance remains the most common form of medicine in existence, applied to a wide range of conditions still considered untreatable by Western medicine.

Yet, it has uses that go way beyond that of medicine as, enabling you to connect with your unconsciously held resources, Hypnosis is now acknowledged as one of the most effective disciplines to effect change. Since its methodology enables this change to be achieved easily, the majority of athletes commonly use techniques derived from it to reach peak performance without resorting to performance-enhancing drugs. Likewise, it has been identified as one of the key skills of effective leaders.

Hypnosis, which is the systematic use of trance, is still a discipline both dreaded and desired, partly owing to the myths and mystique which some practitioners have sought to surround it with, at least in our culture. For a long time these gave Hypnosis a bad name, until the great American Medical Practitioner Milton Erickson rehabilitated it. Giving Hypnosis the sound scientific underpinnings it needed, Erickson enabled it to reintegrate the core of advanced change practices.

People think trance is an altered state. What if the reality was far simpler, far more subtle and yet more interesting than all the tales we read or hear about? If so, what could it be? And what would you like to do to best build on this realisation?

After all, all people experience hypnotic trance states in everyday life, yes, even you! And seeking to connect to such states in one way or another is something we all do, unconsciously or consciously, because they significantly contribute to our health and well-being.

Firmly based on the latest findings on the way the brain functions, our experiential Hypnosis training draws on the most advanced knowledge on conscious/unconscious interaction to enable you to apply its methodology easily and elegantly.

As past experience has demonstrated, exploring trance patterns from a scientific perspective will enable even experienced hypnotherapists who attend to enjoy learning new and exciting approaches which will enhance their effectiveness even further.

  •    (Re)Visit your awareness of your brain/mind and the way it processes information.
  •    Refine and enhance your awareness of hypnosis, trance and their uses.
  •    Learn how to use language powerfully and ethically to induce resourceful trances.
  •    Learn how to communicate with your clients and patients like Milton Erickson to optimise your effectiveness.
  •    Expand your panoply with useful trance-inducing language patterns not included in the traditional Milton Model.
  •    Learn to utilise a person’s ordinary communication as a way of inducing trance.
  •    Explore the Placebo Effect to maximise it, and also its less well known dark twin, the Nocebo Effect, to minimise it.
  •    Develop the ability to express yourself metaphorically to communicate with the unconscious of your client in a way which suit them,
  •    Learn a wide variety of effective trance-inducing patterns.
  •    Master the delicate art of Interspersal.
  •    Delight yourself at your verbal dexterity
  •    And so much more…

Therapists, coaches and any person interested in the discovering of hypnosis science.


Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner

Duration: 12 days

Dates: See the planning

Fee: 3350 CHF

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