NLP Certified Practitioner


Primary training goals
  • To develop both real-time and after the fact awareness of spontaneous behaviour in the four fields of expertise outlined above (people, creative, systemic, emotional intelligence).
  • To foster expanded understanding of tricky, delicate, complex or painful situations, and thus be able to identify new potential solutions.
  • To improve use of one’s resources and assets to overcome limitations and lead fulfilling and responsible lives.


People (communication) skills: Expand your capacity to deliver messages and help others make sure you get their points.

Creative (imaginative, project oriented) skills: 
What’s in the future for you ? Mostly events you will be contributing to. Learn how to make most of it.

Systemic (process and interaction oriented) skills: 
We’re all part of small and large systems : families, teams, businesses, society… Making sense of these is a key to social efficiency and responsible self fulfilment.

Emotional intelligence (self-management) skills: 
Learn how to use your resources (strong points) so as to overcome limitations (weak points).

People taking NLP classes are mostly people dealing with other people: managers, consultants, trainers, project managers, health care and social professionals, etc. However, the skills taught by NLP are so universal that they have been found useful by people in extremely varied walks of life. We recommend people study NLP when they feel ready for a little more excitement, group stimulation, change and challenge. People changing jobs, facing new situations or just plain tired of the routine may.


Dates: See the planning

Training location: Geneva

Register: NLP Certified Practitioner