NLP Introduction

"People have the illusion of understanding each other because they use the same words..."  John Grinder and Richard Bandler, co-founders of NLP

After a presentation of NLP you will be able to play around with NLP’s communication tools and experience the thrill of exploring new and varied ways of connecting with people, of understanding their non verbals and their maps of the world, of getting your ideas across.

  • To develop listening skills and strategies
  • To understand the impact of listening on people’s emotional state
  • To recognise one’s own values and those of others so as to promote a climate of respect
  • To integrate NLP’s state of the art communication tools.

Origins and philosophy of NLP. New challenges to NLP with the introduction of 3rd generation systemics.

Maps of the world : How each person builds cognitive and emotional maps of situations and carries these forward into every new experience. How to make use of this phenomenon to better understand others and get one’s messages across.

Verbal and non verbal language. Body language as a source of ongoing feed-back.
NLP communication tools.


A certificate of attendance will be handed out on day 2

Duration : 2 days

Dates : See the planning

Training location : Geneva

Schedule : 9 am to 6 pm

Fee : 450 CHF

NLP Practitioner level 1: 2950 CHF. Certified NLP Practitioner 18 days: 4600 CHF

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Register the full training : NLP Certified Practitioner
Rate : 4600 CHF