Session 1 NLP Practitioner

Become a certified NLP Practitioner:
Explore and Master the Skills that Make a Difference

" Of the three factors that contribute to our self image, inheritance, education and auto-education, the last is the only one that we can actively contribute to through our initiatives. "Moshe Feldenkreis

  • To increase capacity to set and reach one’s goals, plan and manage projects.
  • To develop new emotional and action resources, states of excellence that improve the way one feels about oneself, deals with one’s environment and get to one’s outcomes.
  • To develop a capacity to find out about people’s internal (cognitive / emotional) processes and make respectful use of the information for coaching, management and communication.

  • A discovery of NLP and its creative communication skills
  • Self management skills : goal setting, states of excellence, improved emotional responses to challenging situations, etc. For use both with self and in coaching, management and communication settings
  • Outcome setting strategies. Systemic action strategies. Scenario building strategies and project management
  • Internal states, state management and meta-states. Anchoring states and developing positive meta states. Using states as leverage for creativity, action strategies, etc. The development of resilience (resourceful attitudes for difficult situations)
  • The process interview and it’s use as an investigation tool
  • Meta-states as frames within which situations are played out and interpreted
  • How to build positive frames for oneself and others.

People taking NLP classes are mostly people dealing with other people: managers, consultants, trainers, project managers, health care and social professionals, etc. However, the skills taught by NLP are so universal that they have been found useful by people in extremely varied walks of life. We recommend people study NLP when they feel ready for a little more excitement, group stimulation, change and challenge. People changing jobs, facing new situations or just plain tired of the routine may.

A NLP Practitioner level 1 certificate will be distributed on the last day.

Duration : 9 days

Dates : See the planning

Training location : Geneva

Fee : 2500 CHF

session 1 and session 2 of certified NLP Practitioner : 4600 CHF

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Register the full training : NLP Certified Practitioner
Rate : 4600 CHF