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Become a certified NLP Practitioner:
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"Change doesn’t happen when people solve the problems that were bothering them, it happens when these problems are put into perspective and new goals are allowed to emerge" Brian P. Hall

The management model of the 80’s would have us believe that change happens “when overwhelming motivation, vision and determination are applied to an issue”. But that’s a model for bullying, not change management. And it’s been proven ineffective hundreds of times. Change happens when the systemics of a situation are correctly understood and intelligently played with. 

  • To develop a multilevel and systemic approach to change management
  • To learn how to identify, respect and disconnect defence mechanisms
  • To learn the basic systemic change management strategies
  • To understand the long term effects of trauma and how these can be interrupted
  • To certify the knowledge and know-how of trainees.

  • Sensemaking processes, defence mechanisms and denial. How to position and reposition technical, interpersonal, existential and emotional problems
  • Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the long term effects of trauma seen as post hypnotic inductions. How to “wake up” out of the post traumatic “hypnosis” and interrupt the symptoms. How to tackle emotionally loaded situations
  • Intervention strategies. Classical NLP strategies (SCORE, etc.). Systemic strategies : SSM, teasing and amplification, loop creation and loop deviation, feed-forward interruption, etc
  • Interdependence and self-other interactions when conducting change work. Resonance processes. Going meta on the interaction and using this to keep roles and goals clear
  • Certification session.

People taking NLP classes are mostly people dealing with other people: managers, consultants, trainers, project managers, health care and social professionals, etc. However, the skills taught by NLP are so universal that they have been found useful by people in extremely varied walks of life. We recommend people study NLP when they feel ready for a little more excitement, group stimulation, change and challenge. People changing jobs, facing new situations or just plain tired of the routine may.

NLP Trainer Level 1.

An INLPTA NLP Practitioner certificate will be given to all succeeding in the certification session.

Duration : 9 days

Dates : See the planning

Training location : Geneva

Fee : 2500 CHF

session 1 and session 2 of certified NLP Practitioner : 4600 CHF

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