Career and company

BrieF’R Formations has a longue and extensive experience in servicing companies’ across processes of changes, crises and conflict management, offering customised trainings & coachings.

We believe that it is indefinitely less costly to prevent a crisis than to extinct a fire in full blow. This is why training programmes in companies ought to include soft skills such as management capacities, communication skills, and team leading.

Advantages for the company

  • Create dynamics of growth and continuous improvement
  • Develop human resources
  • Facilitate transfer of lessons learnt, know-how and proficiency
  • Resolve resistance to change
  • Create a working environment that encourages and furthers innovation and creativity
  • Effortless adaptation to ever changing contexts

Advantages for the participants

  • Better understanding of individual and collective dynamics in order to adjust decision making
  • Development of constructive communication skills allowing the development and motivation of teams
  • Manage delicate relations and situations and maintain a stimulating and performing environment
  • Identification of personal strengths as well as the potential of the team and use it at the service of the team
  • Adapt new behaviours in order to replace existing, limiting demeanours resulting in negative impacts on oneself or the others
  • Stress management: learn to cope with personal and social stress