A precious source of knlowledge to access your inner resources and discover your inner healer

Hypnosis has been practised by the old Egypt’s and Greeks as a religious cult, has been part of shamanistic magic in different cultures and finally found its way into today’s modern research as a precious source of knowledge for Ericksonian Therapies, for NLP and other brief therapies.

Milton Erickson, father of Ericksonian Hypnosis, understood the many ways individual growth and development could be affected and defined the role of the therapist as to bring them back on their true path.

This is why today, hypnosis should not be limited to a simple technique of healing. But instead, it can be used as a learning tool to communicate on multiple levels of language, including metaphorical language. Leaders use it to communicate with powerful impacts, overcome resistances and allow for individual grow.

Hypnosis is also a way to improve our personal communication with ourselves as well as with others, allowing for more distance, more humour and more pleasure in our lives.

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